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Leaders in Commercial Restoration, Renovation and Maintenance

United Restoration Services serves the entire United States with commercial property restoration, renovation and maintenance. Don't let the aftermath of a disaster or accident delay your business. We are a premier partner, focused on getting you back in business. Our team will ensure that you are always in the right hands – and we truly understand the process from restoration to repairs and insurance claims.

Helping to restore normal operations

We are a national company with offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. United Restoration Services has the team and resources to respond to your immediate crisis or natural disaster. Our assessment teams can arrive on site within hours of your initial call and begin mitigation work to limit further damage to your building, property or multi-family housing unit.

Certified and licensed to provide national support

about-inset.jpgUnited Restoration Services specializes in the renovation and restoration of commercial properties damaged in natural disaster. Our Disaster Response Team provides immediate mitigation services for water, fire, and wind damage.

Our team has built a reputation across the country for successfully completing projects on time and in budget. United Restoration Services has the experience and resources to begin work immediately on restoration and renovation projects. In addition, we handle all coordination with the insurance companies so our clients can focus on putting their businesses and lives back together.

We are not just a construction company

We are a complete, full-service mitigation company that delivers resources and professional insight that construction companies cannot duplicate. We are committed to helping you recover from your loss as quickly as possible. Your decisions in the first 12-48 hours of a disaster can play a huge part in how fast you recover and your business’ overall survivability post disaster. Call a company with the experience and resources to respond quickly to your needs.

24/7/365 emergency response

Natural disasters are unavoidable and your commercial property surely can't run away from them. You can rest assured that we will be here for you in the aftermath. Give us a call at 844-460-2970 now!


With URS, you’re never alone in a crisis

  • Trained, experienced estimators
  • Rapid on-site help to quickly assist in an emergency
  • Mitigation crews and equipment to make temporary and/or permanent repairs to your property
  • Set up temporary power generation on-site
  • Recovery of lost and damaged company assets and infrastructure
  • Professional consultation on every facet of recovery project

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